Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Bel Air Domestic Violence, Harford county Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, or are facing a protective order,it will be to your benefit to contact domestic violence attorney Adam S. Hyman. An experienced attorney can help you navigate your way through the complicated process of protecting yourself from being on the receiving end of a protective order.

Harford County Domestic Violence Attorney

If you need a domestic violence attorney in Harford County or Baltimore County, attorney Hyman has the experience with these cases to defend you in court.

Domestic Violence Protective Order Hearings are governed by a unique set of rules that are neither truly criminal nor traditionally civil in nature. However, just because these rules are different than those that govern traditional civil and/or domestic matters does not mean that the outcome of a protective order hearing will notaffect your divorce or custody matter. In fact, an individual can be denied access to their own home or even have their claim for child custody negatively impacted by a ruling issued after a District Court Protective Order Hearing.

Going into a Protective Order Hearing without an attorney or with an attorney who does not fully understand the domestic AND criminal implications that could arise from a Protective Order Hearing could prove costly. Let attorney Adam Hyman, who is experienced in handling these matters help you through this process.

Adam S. Hyman is committed to aggressively protecting and defending your rights. They understand the importance of sparing your children any harm arising from these matters, and will tailor their legal services with that in mind.

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